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Basement Build Out Project

Naperville, IL

Naperville basement build-out featuring recessed can lighting.

Whole House Rewiring Project

Sugar Grove, IL

Sugar Grove home in need of electrical rewiring throughout the entire home to comply with current electric codes.

First Floor Remodeling Project

Burr Ridge, IL

Burr Ridge open concept kitchen and first-floor remodeling project.

125 AMP Electric Service Project

Oswego, IL

Oswego 125 AMP underground electric service for a Pole barn on a residential property.

Whole House Generator Project

Aurora, IL

12KW whole house generator installation in Aurora, Illinois.

Panel Upgrade Project

Elburn, IL

Elburn Residential before and after. Panel upgrade from old screw infuses to circuit breakers.


Self-Checkout Lane Installation Project

Chicago Suburbs, Illinois

Marianos grocery stores, self-checkout lane installation.

Marianos Power Relocation Project

Chicago Suburbs, Illinois

Power relocation and new circuitry for portable freezers in various Marianos grocery.

Wheatland Animal Hospital Project

Naperville, Illinois

Wheatland Animal Hospital  400 amps upgrade to 800 amps. Relocate ComEd Transformer


Industrial Ejector Pit Float System Project

Naperville, Illinois

Floor and Decor warehouse installation of an industrial ejector pit float system in Naperville.

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